International Credit Control

Operating a successful credit control department across borders can be difficult. Not only does language play a part, but also time zones and cultural expectations can prevent profitable business relationships from flourishing. Octempo can bridge the gap between companies and break down language barriers that can delay important payments.

Building on your relationships for successful cash flow

Our high quality international credit control experts operate as an extension of your business, carrying your branding and building on your existing customer relationships. Relationships that are proven to get you to the top of the payment list, minimising your credit risk by staying close to your international customers, improving your cash flow and reducing your operating costs.

Real-time International Credit Control Portal

Our industry leading online web portal provides real time information covering all of your credit management and control activities. With 24/7 access, we invest in technology so you don’t have to. To see a full demonstration of our portal capability simply register your details here or request a Quick Quote.